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The Restaurant "Le Séran"

The Chef Olivier Barbarin proposes a continuous renewal of the menu of the Château d’Audrieu’s restaurant, which has been named “Le Séran” as a tribute to the history of the Château.

The restaurant contains three dining rooms on the ground floor and has been completely renovated during the first stage of the works. It has been immersed in a warm atmosphere with a strong colour: The “Terre d’Égypte” red!

Two of the three rooms have also been decorated with grey, whilst the central room, the “sanctuary of gastronomy” according to the Chef Olivier Barbarin, is completely red from the walls up to the ceilings and the damask curtains.

  • Animals are not accepted inside the Séran Retaurant
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Wine menu

In order to give a softer touch and to create a contrast, the plates and tablecloths are white.

In the first dining room, a generous wine cellar with 600 bottles covers an entire wall between two doors! A rich range of over 200 different wines has been selected, most of which represent French vineyards as well as some from Europe and the New World. The wine menu includes a page called “Coups de Coeur” (favourites), dedicated to the recommendations of the Sommelier.

Whether you are having a dinner for two, a family dinner or a dinner with friends, “Le Séran” is a welcoming restaurant where simplicity and high range gastronomy meet perfectly. The fresh seasonal products from the garden will delight all palates!

The restaurant is open every evening from 7pm to 9:30pm and for lunch from 12:30 to 2pm on weekends and bank holidays and it is also open to groups of more than 10 guests.


A Balance Between Passion and Gourmandism

Since March 2009, Olivier Barbarin is in charge of the gastronomy of the Château d’Audrieu.

He started out cooking as an apprentice alongside d’Antoine Sachapt. Then he continued his journey with famous French Chefs, including Pierre Orsi*, Dominique Toulousy**, Roland Mazère**, Jean-Claude Leclerc*, Michel Hulin*, Jean-André Charial**, Olivier Brulard**.

“My desire for novelties and discoveries very naturally led me towards cooking. My numerous experiences have shaped my personality and allow me to offer a both simple and gourmet gastronomy to the guests of the Château d’Audrieu.”

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Olivier Barbarin’s creativity, influenced by his travels and his natural curiosity, allows him to intensify the products of the terroir and Normandy in his guests’ plates by enhancing flavours, textures and colours for a big moment of gastronomy!

By working closely with the gardener of the property, the Chef creates a new menu every two months, in harmony with the seasonal products of the vegetable garden.


The Bar le “1715” and the Sommelier

“The cook gives a purpose to the ingredients like the poet gives flavour to the words and both are united with the wine”

The bar, which used to be on the ground floor, is now located on the first floor of the château in an air-conditioned lounge, a comfortable area with ancient decoration. All the original oak panelling has been preserved. This panelling comes from the Juaye-Mondaye Abbey, of which the family was a founding member of the château.

This welcoming and convivial bar offers all the comforts of the 21st century, whilst enhancing the elegantly decorated historical setting.

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The guests can appreciate being able to lean on a natural oak counter especially designed for the renovation of the château. The blue and gold furniture, leather and fabric armchairs, two round sofas and pedestal tables with black granite tops contribute to creating an atmosphere which is both welcoming and elegant.

Mr Olivier Héricher, Sommelier and Food & Baverage Manager of the Château, recommends wines, champagnes, cocktails, soft aperitifs and liqueurs.

After his first work experience at the Plaza Athénée, he started out at the Merrion Hotel in Dublin, a 5* establishment, which is a member of the Leading Hotels of the World. When he returned to France, he joined the Chef Stéphane Carbone at Port-en-Bessin. Since he was motivated and willing to use his knowledge of the high range hotel industry, whilst still enjoying the presentation of gourmet cuisine, he very naturally ended up at the Château d’Audrieu. As well as being the Food & Baverage Manager, he selects the wines, Calvados and other quality nectars with passion. He is also in charge of creating a range of “Création” cocktails in collaboration with his team and of course he also works closely with the Chef Olivier Barbarin in order to enhance his creativity by pairing his cuisine with harmonious and specific wines.

The “1715” bar offers a large range of whiskies, white and rosé champagnes from wine-producers by the glass, as well as traditional and creative cocktails. These are served with petits fours concocted by the Chef so that guests can build their appetite before the gourmet dinner in the “Le Séran” restaurant.

Throughout the entire day, le “1715” offers drinks and snacks in the large lounge, a worthy reminder of classical architecture, that plays with light. At the end of the evening, the setting lends itself perfectly to the tasting of Calvados, Cognac, Armagnac etc. The bar also proposes tastings for two or three of the best Calvados on the menu.